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(NOTE: For commissions that are...less than wholesome, take them to my Depraved account.)

Regular Commissions:
Sketch = $9.99 or 1000 :points:
Lineart = $14.99 or 1500 :points:
Color = $19.99 or 2000 :points:
Color w/ Backgrounds = $24.99 or 2500 :points:

Sketch = $9.99 for the first three stages, $1.00 for every extra stage
Lineart = $14.99 for the first three stages, $2.00 for every extra stage
Color = $19.99 for the first three stages, $5.00 for every extra stage

Comic Pages:
Sketch = $9.99 per page
Lineart = $14.99 per page
Color = $19.99 per page
Color w/ Backgrounds = $24.99 per page

I have the right to accept or decline offers.

To commission me with PayPal, you must Note me of your commission. When you put down an order for a commission in the Notes, make sure you copypasta the form below:

PayPal Address: With this, I can give you an invoice so you can give me exact change.
Type of Commission: This is where you put in the nature of the commission. (Regular, Sequence, or Comic)
Quality: The level of effort put into the commission (Pen Drawing, Digital Lineart, Digital Coloring, or Colored w/Background)
Number of pages/stages: This section is only for sequenced or comic commissions. Just type in the number you want.
Description: This is where you describe how the commission looks like or how it will go. For sequences and comics, an outline is recommended but not mandatory.
References: References for the commission goes here. You know.

Send me the payment through this e-mail address:

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Sugar Sweet sketch by AdvancedDefense
A sketchy drawing. Nothing much else to say.
Commission for Yatterhog by AdvancedDefense
Snowbeat by AdvancedDefense
Commission for metalyan94 by AdvancedDefense
Pictures with completed lines, but without any color.
Color Drawing
Jake and Aislynn by AdvancedDefense
Commission for commanderhavoc 3 by AdvancedDefense
Possessed!Platinum art reference by AdvancedDefense
A fully colored image, but no backgrounds.
Pictures With Backgrounds
Commission for Derpyfan4eva by AdvancedDefense
Happy Holidays from Mega Mutt! by AdvancedDefense
Let The Hate Flow Through You by AdvancedDefense
The whole package. Lineart, color, and background, all rolled into one.


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OC Meme

Mon Feb 15, 2016, 6:49 AM

*Either you give me the name of an OC of mine, or you link me an image of one of my OCs found in my gallery. I'll then write up 10 Facts about them in this journal. Submit as many as you want. Steal this if you want.*

Taken from *gh0stdoe
Erika the Witch by AdvancedDefense
Erika the Witch - Requested by ~Sephzero
  1. Erika was first created on the spot during art class in high school, along with Victor the Creation.
  2. Erika was originally going to have a side-character role, with Victor as the main character of her series. However, she was eventually found more interesting than Victor, and soon was promoted to main character status.
  3. The ribbon keeping Erika's capelet together and her belt are actually power-limiting items made to keep her magic powers in check.
  4. If taken off, Erika's body will not be able to handle the magical overload. However, her magic lowers to a safer level if she's sleeping or unconscious.
  5. Erika was originally a human named Ermengayle. However, when her soul was harvested by the local Reaper, it was kept for safekeeping until Betsy was pregnant with her Witch self.
  6. Erika's memories of Ermengayle were awakened shortly after her sister, Claire, defected to evil.
  7. Erika's favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo.
  8. Erika has a terrible singing voice, but can play a mean violin.
  9. As part of being a reincarnated human from the early modern age, Erika's speech pattern has shades of the vocabulary used in that era.
  10. Erika was the first female protagonist made for a more action-oriented AdvancedDefense series.

Mikan Tamichii by AdvancedDefense
Mikan Tamichii - Requested by ~Rexydan90
  1. Mikan is the hot-headed older sibling of the Tamichii family. She was inspired by Natsumi Hinata from Sgt. Frog, Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2, Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina, and so many other violent female leads.
  2. Mikan's a bit of a downer. She tends to assume the worst in everything and has very few likes, some of them being sports and sweets.
  3. Mikan's abnormal strength and endurance was actually inherited from her father, who was known to be one of the strongest fighters in Okashina City. He was ranked 4th.
  4. Relating to the fact above, Mikan had a bit of a rough childhood, where her strength tended to injure other kids by her being reckless. She then adopted a surly attitude to push others away, so she won't be able hurt anyone again.
  5. Some of Mikan's abilities were adopted from the series DragonBall Z, namely the abilities to power up and fly.
  6. Despite being based on so many characters that get off scot-free for their more deplorable actions, Mikan's violent tendencies often get her into trouble.
  7. Mikan is the second-most suffering person in the series, beaten only by Adisega.
  8. Mikan is one of the three original characters left from Officer Adisega's previous concept as a more straightforward series, the others being Kuro and Adisega.
  9. Her strength is not the only trait inherited from a previous family member. Mikan's ahoge is also a heredity trait present in most members of the Tamichii family. Kuro possesses one too.
  10. Do not call Mikan stupid. It will not end well for you. 

Ringo Imami by AdvancedDefensePink Heart and Ace by AdvancedDefense
Ringo Imami/Pink Heart - Tagged by ~mquezada88
  1. Ringo is a not-so bright girl who can turn into the Warrior of Love, Pink Heart. She was inspired by the likes of Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Pretty Cure.
  2. Ringo has been fighting evil as Pink Heart since she was in the 7th grade. She was recruited by a winged cat-like creature named Ace.
  3. Despite being quite outgoing and friendly, and well, being Pink Heart, Ringo also possesses some slight psychotic tendencies that have not gone unnoticed by her friends.
  4. Ace states that anyone could've taken the mantle of Pink Heart, he chose Ringo specifically because she seemed like a worthy candidate at the time, but is dismayed by her lack of intelligence soon afterwards.
  5. The concept for Ringo was one of the first character concepts that was thought up after Officer Adisega's concept revision as a more self-aware anime parody.
  6. As part of her Magical Girl origins, Pink Heart possesses a scepter similar to Sailor Moon's while her attacks are by using cards like Sakura.
  7. Pink Heart is not the only magical girl of her type. There is also Blue Spade, Green Clover, and Yellow Diamond. They don't really work with Pink Heart because they believe her to be too stupid to lead the team.
  8. Ringo is the only person Mikan feels free to partake in her sweet tooth with.
  9. Ringo is pretty loving and accepting of a lot of things. Slugs, unfortunately, aren't one of them.
  10. Ringo also has a pretty high tolerance level and is super-slow to anger. But once she hits that boiling point, her Pink Heart persona undergoes a wild change and becomes Heart Breaker.

Reiko Tsukishima by AdvancedDefense
Reiko Tsukihshima - Requested by ~mquezada88
  1. Reiko is the Student Council President of Ebi High. She was inspired by the likes of Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill and Sasuke Tsubaki from Sket Dance.
  2. Reiko demands total order. She has a tendency to keep everything organized and the desks she uses reflect that, with pencils and pens in separate cups and neatly-stacked documents.
  3. Despite wielding a katana, Reiko prefers not to kill anybody. Relating to the fact above, she makes the connection that killing anyone, even criminals, would lead to disarray and insanity, fearing she'll never return from that place if she commits the act.
  4. Reiko doesn't like taking care of animals. As a child, she used to own a pet fish that suddenly jumped out of its tank one day and died. This turned her off from having another pet.
  5. Reiko and Mikan are arch-rivals, but their rivalry was actually carried over from their mother and father. Mrs. Tsukihshima and Mr. Tamichii were some of the strongest fighters in Okashina City, and were ranked 2nd and 4th respectively.
  6. Reiko and Mikan's arch-rivalry also influenced the way they do their hair: ponytails.
  7. Reiko hangs around with Adachi because she feels like he lightens up the harshness of her life. They've been friends since kindergarten.
  8. The Tsukihshima family lives in a big household that's traditionally Japanese. The open fields make for a good area for sword training.
  9. Reiko's favorite food is beef croquettes, while her least favorite is grilled mackerel.
  10. Reiko is a D cup.

Sumiko Tadahashi by AdvancedDefense
Sumiko Tadahashi - Requested by ~MadDemon64
  1. Sumiko was pulled out of the drawing board for the monthly theme of a DA group. She was inspired by Rie Imogo from Sgt. Frog and Kevin 11 from Ben 10.
  2. Sumiko's need to be the best in everything stems from her negligent parents. She wanted to gain their respect.
  3. Sumiko is by far the tallest human character in the Officer Adisega series, standing at 249cm (8'2").
  4. While the mutagen made Sumiko a hulking powerhouse, it also made her newfound strength stagnant, meaning she can't get any stronger or weaker than she already is.
  5. Sumiko's rivalry with Mikan was mainly based around sports. Post-mutation, Sumiko elevated into an arch-enemy towards her.
  6. The clothes Sumiko currently wears were custom-made for her. You can't find clothes her size anywhere else.
  7. Sumiko's favorite sport is tennis, while her least favorite is dodgeball.
  8. Sumiko can super-jump up to 11 km in distance per leap.
  9. While everything else about her seems brutish and tough, Sumiko behaves like a snooty upper-class girl.
  10. Sumiko has a toadie, who worships her and praises everything she does named Hotoko.

  • Watching: TMNT 2012


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